Mixx Mobile

Mixx Mobile 1.5

Create ringtones on your Pocket PC


  • Powerful editing tools
  • Good audio quality
  • Easy ringtone outputting


  • Fiddly user interface

Very good

Ringtone creation tools have come a long way since the days when you had to enter notes on your Nokia keypad, before playing them back as a tinny melody. Mixx Mobile offers an advanced set of features for making sophisticated ringtones.

As soon as you start using the program you realize that Mixx Mobile is actually quite a powerful piece of kit. The best way to start is to launch the Mixx Mobile demo project, which demonstrates how each tune is broken down into up to six tracks, represented by waveforms displayed in timelines.

Once you start playing around with the tools in Mixx Mobile the capabilities of what you can do with the app become clear. You can zoom into each track's waveform for precision audio editing, apply a series of customizable effects, record voice or music and use this in your creations and load MP3, Ogg and Wav files into Mixx Mobile.

Once you've finished editing your mix in Mixx Mobile, it's easy to export it as a ringtone through the program's rendering function. The audio quality in Mixx Mobile is fantastic, especially in terms of the bass output, which is far more genuine than you'll find in many similar apps.

Perhaps the only thing letting Mixx Mobile down is it's rather clunky user interface. True, it looks OK and you can apply your own skins to the editor. But, without the inclusion of a toolbar or a back button, tweaking audio and applying changes becomes quite a fiddly process.

However, with a bit of patience it's possible to produce some truly classic compositions using Mixx Mobile.

Mixx Mobile


Mixx Mobile 1.5

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